Designing With A Purpose

Get Synergized

With nearly 1 million purchases made online every 60 seconds, shouldn’t your product or service be one of them?


Times Have Changed

While print advertising is slowly fading, and foot traffic isn’t what it was, businesses have quickly come to appreciate the scope and effectiveness of digital marketing..

Welcome to Digital

The average person spends 6 hours a day, 186 hours a month, 2,232 hours a year online. Just think of all the eyes that could be on yourproducts and services!


Choose Strategies That Create Synergy!

At Synergized Media Marketing, we specialize in digital marketing because we have long maintained that this approach is the way of the future. With sophisticated algorithms and the swift spread of smartphones, you can be sure that digital platforms will find your target audiences wherever they may be. While digital marketing used to be a little too abstract for the likes of old-school businesses, the tangible aspects of this marketing method, such as data capturing and data analysis tools, have shown that this approach is superior – precisely because we can now track how our ads are performing in a way that was never possible before.

Client Testimonial

Diana Colon / A Little More Painting and Remodeling

“I am just so happy and blessed to have found this company to help improve our business. My experience with this company has been so satisfying. We found a honest, hard working, professional company, that works toward making your business succeed. Great investment! Love them!”

Teaming Up with Clients For Actual Results!

More Revenue

When we can pin-point which ads work and why, we can strategically implement these to boost how much customers are buying.

Succesful Strategies

With all the data we have access to, we can build better strategies based on the results of what we’ve done in the past.

Better Growth

Since we can automate and streamline the ways in which we manage and run your advertising platforms, we can put more effort into the ads we create, coming up with bigger and better campaigns that grow your business faster.

Connect to Target Audience

With digital marketing, we can focus in on your target audience much more narrowly than before, building rich relationships so they keep coming back.

What We Do

Facebook Ads Management

  • Develop a strategy to achieve marketing goal
  • Create targeted campaigns that reach your audience
  • Ongoing campaign management
  • Campaign optimization

Google Ads Management

  • Account Set-up
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Management
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Manage Marketing Budget
  • Weekly Reporting

Website Design

  • Create visual and informational website
  • Digitally represent your brand
  • Become easily discovered with consumer’s #1 method of finding companies

Video Productions

  • Show millions your product or service with a captivating video
  • Tell your product or service story
  • Inform new and existing clients of your product or services
Samuel Perra

A Lighting Path For Christain Youth

“God is Good! We are blessed to have found, Synergized Media Marketing. This company got involved with our church, to capture the real essence of the daily work God is doing during these hard times. They didn’t hesitate to get involved and offer a helping hand. It’s been a blessing to see their hard work, and how they are are willing to give the Lord, the best of them, to help others! God Bless Synergized Media Marketing! A company that cares!”

Our Packages

At Synergized Media Marketing, we work closely with our clients to activate the power of abstractions and deliver action-driving ads.


If you’re at the dawn of your digital journey, we will help you create the foundation of your digital presence by designing your website and more.

Website Redesign
Google Analytics Integration
1 Promotional Video
15 High Quality Branded Photos
Google My Business Set-up

Digitally Synergized

When your company is ready to enhance its digital presence, we’ll add digital campaigns and video for targeted messaging.

Google Analytics Integration
Google Ads Campaign Management
Facebook Ads Campaign Management
1 Promotional Branded Video
15 High Quality Branded Photos

Fully Synergized

This elite package is for businesses that want to expand their digital efforts for 360° impact.

Google Analytics Integration
Google Ads Campaign Management
Facebook Ads Campaign Management
2 Promotional Branded Videos
30 High Quality Branded Photos
Google My Business Content Management

84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.