A Lighting Path to Christian Youth

Non-Profit Chruch and Organization in Lawrenceville, Ga


Display and create a digital platform to build excitement of organizations efforts and community involvement.

Synergized Package:





A nonprofit organization built by the community, for the community. Established in 2013, Alumbrando Caminos Juventud Cristiana ( A Lighting Path for Christian Youth, ACJC for short) provides enlightening opportunities for youth throughout the community, our mission was to bring their values, the many activities and charity events they sponsor to life on a digital platform.


Content Creation:

The community was a significant part of their organization, and we needed to capture the organic essence of ACJC as they do what they love to do, serve others! We had the opportunity to capture a live charity event organized by ACJC in our backyard, Lawrenceville, Ga. The charity event was a community food drive that feed nearly 200 families. We captured media content from the event and developed high-quality photos and a branded video. We were able to use media content from the charity event throughout the website to create a true sense of what ACJC believes and the actions they put behind it.

Bringing Ideas to Life

This project was one of our favorites because we were able to help an organization that continues to give back. It brings us great pride that before the project, the church’s pastors only had a vision, a mission, and a deep urge to help others. We were able to bring their vision to life by creating a custom logo, high-quality photos, branded video, and a functional website that displays all the great they do throughout their community. We love the synergy that was created when all parts came together, and we are excited to see the many good ACJC continues to do.


Pictures & Video Developed by Synerized Media Marketing