A Little More Painting & Remodeling

A Metro Atlanta Remodeling and Renovation Company


Create a digital foundation to display company’s services and work completed, to increase business industry’s presence.

Synergized Package:





Google My Business

A Little More Painting and Remodeling, a family owned and operated residential renovation company in metro Atlanta. Synergized Media partnered with this company to grow a digital presence in the industry, display previous/current projects, and inform clients of all the services provided by the company.

Content Creation:

During the predesign phase, it was clear that the website needed to be visual and mobile-friendly. With this in mind, we scheduled to be on-site at ALMPAR’s renovation projects and captured visual content. As we gathered content, it was important to capture the details of the project, not just the typical before and after. We wanted to display a greater sense of purpose to differentiate ALMPAR from other competitors in the industry. Throughout the site, we placed content to demonstrate the company’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the progression of projects.We brought the same intention to a more discoverable platform, Google. We created a Google My Business account and followed the same intention of content implementation.

Become More Discoverable

We are proud that we could bring digital life to the ALMPAR company by:

  • Creating A Custom Logo
  • Producing Branded Video¬†
  • Developing High-Quality Photos
  • Setting Up Google My Business Account
  • ¬†Designing Mobile-Friendly Functional Website

The Synergized Package provided a straightforward foundation for the company by creating great synergy with the media content, and design all have the same intention of growth.


Pictures & Video Developed by Synerized Media Marketing