Alex’s Waste Solutions

A Metro Atlanta Remodeling and Renovation Company


Create a digital foundation to display company’s services and work completed to increase business industry’s presence.

Synergized Package:





Google My Business

Alex Waste Solutions is a demolition and dumpster rental company that provides residential and commercial contractors service across metro Atlanta. Alex’s mission was to continue to serve the Metro Atlanta area and to grow its online presence as a local demolition company in the marketplace.


Content Creation: Pictures and Video

We at Synergized Media had the opportunity to capture a demolition project and create a multitude of content such as a branded company videos and project pictures branded with the company logo. We used the captured media content from the demolition project to create a functional and visual website that displays the services AWS provides and create a digital platform that existing and potential customers can discover their services. A significant factor to their discoverability was being found on Google.

Google My Business

We were happy to create a Google My Business account for Alex’s Waste Solutions and upload all content across the platform. It is magnificent to see this company’s digital growth from no website, no ability to be discovered on Google, with the only photos of their service and recent projects on cell phones. To the digital foundation built of a functional website, the ability to be found on Google, company branded videos and several professional shot photos. We were glad that we could be a part of their digital growth by choosing the Synergized Package. Great synergy was made with this project of creating their digital foundation, and we are excited for them to continue to grow their business, for this is only the beginning.


Pictures & Video Developed by Synerized Media Marketing