Groveman Drums

A Local Athens Drummer & Band Member of The Orange Constant Providing Private Lessons to Students.


Create a digital portfolio that displays upcoming tour dates, shows played, and a platform to book private drum lessons.

Sam Groveman an Athens, Ga based drummer and drummer of the band The Orange Constant. Touring over 100 shows annually, Sam wanted a platform to keep his fans up to date with his show dates, newest releases, featured work, and a place where potential and current students can book private drums lessons.

We created a platform that displays previous performances and the ability to book shows while still having a professional touch and feel to the site.

“Working with Synergized Media was a pleasure! I’m really happy with the website they designed for me. Darian was really helpful, commutative, and creative during the process of making my website.”

Sam Groveman, Groveman Drums