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Synergized Media Marketing is a digital marketing company with the core purpose of solving small and medium-sized businesses’ marketing obstacles. Whether it be the challenge of gaining more customers, engaging with existing clients, or increasing your Return On Ad Spend. We strive to take abstract marketing challenges you face and provide clarity through digital means. Let us help with our array of services, take a look:

Get Synergized

Analyze Ads

Track impressions, reach, engagement, and much more for most ads to determine how well they are performing.

Calculate R.O.A.S

We can calculate return on spend with accuracy.

Identify Trends

Track trends for different ads and platforms to see which ads work.

Manage & Monitor

We can automate and manage ads with ease.

Reduce Drop-Off

We can capture sales funnels and see where people are dropping off.

Customer Behavior

We can accurately identify where and when people are buying to determine which platforms work the best.

Website Design

It all starts with a website! A website’s importance is critical in today’s digital world; it is your company’s online face. Your website is one of the top 3 interactions of a potential client when inquiring about your product or services. Get recognized by clients searching for your product or services. Synergized Media creates interactive, functional, and visually appealing websites for your business to display your products or services.

Video Marketing

Capturing your product or service visually is a massive opportunity for the years to come. Over 90% of users say they retain a brand’s message if the information is presented in a video. Video marketing has made a large stack in the digital world, and if you are not taking advantage of the easy accessibility to reach potential and current clients, your competitors are. Don’t miss out on the chance to display your product or service with video marketing.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook ad campaigns are used on a social media platform that targets people based on their demographics, interest from their profile, and location. Facebook ads are beneficial by using numerous sources of content (videos, images, etc) to create ad formats on your social media. These ad formats are what your business represents or the brand you are wanting to promote. Once a budget is created for a campaign, an ad is then made to promote your brand. Through this data you can then monitor how much you want to add or take away from your budget to guarantee a better ROAS.

Google Ads Management

Google ad campaigns utilizes keywords and bids that pay to bring content to the top of the web page for users when searching specific topics. These campaigns are places where your business ad can appear (Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc). When evaluating your marketing budget you should take into consideration the return on ads spend (ROAS), which is a marketing metric on how much money is spent on ads vs how much money is profited or positively generated in your business.

“Ignoring digital marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”

KB Marketing Agency

Target Your Audience

Measure Your Results

Increase Revenue

Our Packages

At Synergized Media Marketing, we work closely with our clients to activate the power of abstractions and deliver action-driving ads.


If you’re at the dawn of your digital journey, we will help you create the foundation of your digital presence by designing your website and more.

Website Redesign
Google Analytics Integration
1 Promotional Video
15 High Quality Branded Photos
Google My Business Set-up

Digitally Synergized

When your company is ready to enhance its digital presence, we’ll add digital campaigns and video for targeted messaging.

Google Analytics Integration
Google Ads Campaign Management
Facebook Ads Campaign Management
1 Promotional Branded Video
15 High Quality Branded Photos

Fully Synergized

This elite package is for businesses that want to expand their digital efforts for 360° impact.

Google Analytics Integration
Google Ads Campaign Management
Facebook Ads Campaign Management
2 Promotional Branded Videos
30 High Quality Branded Photos
Google My Business Content Management

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